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Our story

Our story


we never stop
we never stop
we never stop


We are dedicated to making the best cantilever and sliding gate hardware. Since inception direction towards to the highest quality is our driving force. This can be seen with the dedication and passion of the workforce. This can be seen in the packaging. This can be seen in the care and attention to the smallest details. As it’s this detail on hardware that can make all the difference in the lifespan of the product and the electric motors that power them.

Following extensive research and development CAIS is now in the enviable position of offering the highest quality product available for the gate market. We have worked with a renowned BRNO UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY – FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, looking at the way the load is transferred throughout the wheels, bearings and carriages whilst under stress of a moving gate. The results surprised and inspired us to reinvent our product, to become more accurate and search intensively for a steel supplier that can match our ambitions. We searched for galvanised steel that doesn’t crack under rolling, we searched for steel of the correct tolerances and chemical composition. We found all this and more with our German Supplier WUPPERMANN and created something very impressive. CAIS also invested heavily in what is the heart of our company, a brand new roll forming line. With uniquely, 18 large precision formed rollers that allow minute differences to be made until the rolling is perfectly straight and accurate to our own exact standards.

30 Years of innovation

Since 1992, it is only after 30 years that the culmination of this experience has produced the best production line for cantilever hardware in the world. The Roll Forming line in action, its unique in its precision and accuracy.

We manufacture to our standarts not assemble others

Engineering Excellence Carriages


Centre holes are milled not lasered. Only high strength certificated precision tool steel is used. Wheels are riveted into position with just EXACTLY the right amount of pressure. This gives our carriage a trademark smoothness once the load is applied.

State Of The Art Roll Forming Line

Eighteen Roll Formers – The best in the industry to remove the inset “memory” of the metal. Built in flying hole punch – Punches a hole in the rail exactly every 400 mm. Slow rolling – This means no heat during the production keeping the material where it is rolled with no “relaxation” of the product after.

Steel stripe

Steel Stripe must only be the best, which is why world renowned Wupperman Steel is the only supplier capable of the exacting standards we require. Galvanised stripe of exacting standards means that you can bolt our product only after you’ve galvanised your gate. So even if your gate is slightly bent. The rail won’t be.