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Determining the CAIS innovation goal. This preliminary analysis is CAIS opportunity to figure out what problem you as our Dealer need to solve for your customers before CAIS will make a product.


Figuring out what your customers think about this goal. Your customer will buy a CAIS product that solves a problem for them, but the problem itself must be present. Products that Your customers don´t need, didn´t ask for, degrade our brand loyalty are unsuccessful.


Reviewing other market segments for possible connections or technology to get ideas. When CAIS is thinking about new products, it´s important to collect data on how your customers are using the product, how much they will pay, and whether the price for the benefit is reasonable. During market research phase, CAIS will review the market size and conduct a segmentation analysis.


Prototyping CAIS ideas. A CAIS prototype is a mockup of the proposed product, intended to verify our design. The extent of the CAIS product prototype is fully-functional model to show how the product works. Furthermore, we test our prototype in different use-case scenarios and identify its points of failure.


Testing CAIS ideas with your customer base. CAIS is conducting a customer value assessment to obtain the opinion of a sample of your target market. This assessment helps CAIS to adequately predict the response to the release of CAIS product. Early customer involvement cuts down on uncertainty and helps make product objectives clear product.